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Sam Beckbessinger is the bestselling author of Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup. She writes weird horror stories and kids' tv shows, and helps people learn to adult better (she's still trying to figure it out herself).

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Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup

In her bestselling book, money dork Sam Beckbessinger tells it to you straight: how to take control of your money to take control of your life.

You’ll learn:

  • How to trick your dumb brain into saving more, without giving up fun
  • How to make a bona fide grownup budget
  • Why you need to forget what you’ve learnt about credit
  • How to negotiate a raise
  • Why buying a house (probably) won’t make you rich
  • The one super-simple investment you need
  • How to deal with ‘black tax’

With exercises, flowcharts and informative illustrations (also: kittens), this book is empowering and helpful – and f*cking funny, too.

You’re going to earn millions of rands over your lifetime. Are you going to waste it on stupid crap that doesn’t make you happy, or let it buy your freedom and your most audacious dreams?

Like a Fcking Grownup

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire

A new serialised fiction project I worked on with Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Zoe Quinn, and Elsa Sjunneson. Available on Serialbox from May 2020.

Jessica Jones has made an art of ignoring her particular brand of super-powered trauma. But these days, she’s giving the whole “self-care” thing a try. Seeing a therapist, finding healthier coping mechanisms (read: no business-hours drinking), working toward not wanting to punch things all the time. Maybe even taking the occasional case that won’t eat her alive. A simple missing persons case seems like just the ticket. But when a boy’s body turns up under an overpass in what looks like a cut-and-dried OD, Jessica can’t let it go and dives headlong into an obsessive search for answers.

Serial Box · FIRST LISTEN - Marvel's Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire 🔥

Written by Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Sam Beckbessinger, Zoe Quinn, and Elsa Sjunneson. Narrated by Fryda Wolff.

Jessica Jones Playing with Fire

Like a Fucking Grownup: the podcast

Do you feel like you’re just faking knowing how to adult? Me too! No-one gave us a guide to any of this stuff. This is a show where we take all the big scary questions you’ve always felt too embarrassed to ask, and try to find solutions.

Outcast Hours

The Outcast Hours

I recently co-wrote a little horror story with two of my besties, Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen, called "This Book Will Find You".

It's featured in the excellent anthology, The Outcast Hours, edited by Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin. It also features stories by Marina Warner, China Miéville, Frances Hardinge, Will Hill, Sally Partridge, S.L. Grey and more.

Outcast Hours

Team Jay

A new CG-animated series from Nickelodeon Italy about a magical football-obsessed zebra and his friends.

Being on the writing team for this show, trying to figure out how to make six-year-olds laugh, is probably the most fun job I've ever had.

Team Jay Nickelodeon


Lettuce brings your whole financial world into one place, by letting you track the value of your investments, anywhere in the world.

I built this app because I was sick of maintaining seventy-three spreadsheets to keep track of my investments. It's also an extremely fun excuse to hang out with some of my best friends every day and make stuff together.


Take Back the Day

Back in the long ago times of 2017, I had a podcast with my friend Simon Dingle where we spoke about how to be more productive and happier people. We eventually decided to start a business together so now we don't need to talk via the medium of podcasting, because I see his dumb face all day anyway. It's still a pretty good show, though.

Take Back the Day

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