Frequently asked questions

How old are you?

I was born in June 1987. You do the maths.

Where are you from?

I was born on a farm near Durban (my first pet was a donkey named Mr Magoo). I lived in Durbs until I was twelve and remain very fond of it. At various times, home has been Cape Town, San Francisco, Pretoria, London, and a very dodgy nightclub called Zeplins. Now I think of home as wherever my cat is.

What is your net worth?

Wow, like, at least take me out for dinner first.

How can I get in touch with you?

Try the contact form. I get a lot of emails, so please be patient with me if I take a while to get back to you. I do get around to responding to most of them eventually.

Where can I find the money dashboard?

Over here. That's generally where you'll find book-specific content.

Will you come do a talk about money at my office?

Sure, that's something that I do. Pop me a mail and I'll send you my ratecard.

Help! I need financial advice.

I'm not a financial advisor, so I can't give you personalized advice, I'm afraid. I'd suggest you head on over to the League of Fucking Grownups Facebook group and ask them to recommend a good fee-based advisor in your area. Here's some general advice about how to choose one.

I think you're wrong about something.

I make mistakes all the time, and I generally welcome criticism! It's very helpful to me when readers point out mistkaes I've made so that I can fix them. Please do tell me if you find something I can do better!

BUT... please know that I get a lot of emails from people who disagree with me about four specific opinions:

I actually don't mind getting these emails, and I am completely open to being convinced out of my views if provided with better arguments or data. But if you send me an email about one of these topics, please 1. be respectful 2. do not ask me to simply re-state views that I have stated publicly in multiple places and 3. assume that I have heard the common counter-arguments (I have, many many times). Also, please don't send me an email saying that property is a great investment because you/your uncle/your best friend's cousin's auntie personally made a great profit on one particular house. The plural of anecdote is not data. If you want to change my mind, bring me data.

If you disagree with an opinion that's not on that list, please go ahead and email me freely! I generally enjoy a healthy debate (as long as it's not about Bitcoin - I will not discuss Bitcoin with you).

Why all the swearing?

Why the fuck not?

Can I ask you on a date?

Thanks but no. I'm a depraved pansexual, a feminist killjoy, and am also in a very happy long-term monogomous relationship, thank you very much.

Get in touch

Email me to chat about events, workshops, writing opportunities or whatever else.